Top Ways to get a Super Stylish Bedroom


If you are always envious of your friend’s chic and sleek boudoirs, then get on board with the best ways to achieve the look yourself and we don’t mean by marrying a millionaire! Read on for our top tips to creating the perfect super stylish bedroom all by yourself, or with a little help form your friends:

  • Avoid clutter. Tidying everything away is essential to achieve a beautiful bedroom. So throw things out ruthlessly and then put everything else out of sight. Super Stylish Bedroom
  • Trade up. If you’ve still got the wardrobe you used to hang your school uniform in then it is time for something a bit more sophisticated: buy discount bedroom furniture online if you’re on a budget, you’ll be amazed at what you can find.Super Stylish Bedroom
  • Be colour confident. Decide on a colour scheme and stick to it. Don’t be afraid of bold tones – but remember, less is more so one bright colour is usually enough.Super Stylish Bedroom
  • Think smart. Work with your bedroom and not against it: in a quaint cottage go for a cosy, homely feel and in a spacious loft apartment think high gloss and modern.Super Stylish Bedroom
  • Get into Feng Shui. Don’t forget the power of Feng Shui! Take on board the basic principals of arranging furniture within a space and allowing energy to flow through it.Super Stylish Bedroom

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  • Make an investment. Whether it’s a statement piece of art to hang on the wall or a must-have four poster from an irresistible oak furniture sale, get yourself a treat and be proud of it.Super Stylish Bedroom
  • Cheat a little. Don’t be afraid to copy! If you’ve seen your ideal bedroom in a magazine or online there is nothing wrong with re-creating the look. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery after all.Super Stylish Bedroom
  • DIY SOS. Don’t attempt any major DIY unless your tool-wielding skills are definitely up to the task. Remember, amateur mistakes are often more costly to remedy than getting the experts to do the job in the first place.Super Stylish Bedroom
  • Get some help. Design not really your thing? Draft in the friends who’s design bedrooms have spurred you into action and get them to help you – I bet they’ll love it.Super Stylish Bedroom