8 Tips For Maximizing Space in a Small Bedroom


Small BedroomWhen space is at a premium, interior design tends to take on a whole other level of complexity. Not only do you have to focus on functionality and style in small bedroom, you also have to figure out how you can meet those goals without taking up valuable floor space.

This is something that you’re likely to be all too well aware of if you’ve recently decided to decorate a small bedroom. Here are eight tips for maximising the limited space available to you.

Keep Your Furniture to a Minimum

Small BedroomThe first rule of small bedroom design is that less is more when it comes to furnishings. If it doesn’t have to go in the room, it simply shouldn’t be there. This means that if you are designing a room from scratch, purchase very little furniture. And if you are redecorating an existing room, you should be looking for things to throw out.

Multi Purpose Furnishings

Small BedroomAn effective way of limiting the amount of furniture that you actually require is to look for the multipurpose variety. For example, if you want to add a coffee table, look for one that provides ample storage underneath. If you would like a place to sit, don’t buy a couch, buy a bed that converts into one.

Light Colours

Small BedroomThe shade of paint that you use is going to have a major effect on how spacious your new bedroom feels. In general, light colours tend to be the most effective at maximising space. You don’t need to choose a shade of white but you should avoid anything dark. Dark colours tend to make small rooms feel even smaller.

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Matching flooring

Small BedroomA light colour should also be found on the floors. This is not just because light colours make a room look more spacious but because your flooring and walls should match as much as possible. When there is too much contrast between them, you can end up inadvertently attracting attention to the rooms lines and corners. This is never a good idea in a small room.

Add a Large Mirror

Small BedroomNo small bedroom is complete without a large mirror. A large mirror can make any room seem larger and when positioned correctly, it can also add a lot of light. If you don’t want to spend a lot, you should consider combining two small mirrors, rather than purchasing one large one. For some reason, this tends to be significantly cheaper.

Don’t Cover the Ground

Another important rule of small bedroom design is to keep as much of the ground visible as possible. Of course, you can’t keep the entire floor space free but with a little bit of thought, you can maximise the amount of it that is free. If possible, choose a bed with four legs rather than a base. Opt for shelving rather than cabinets.

Add Some Light

The last thing that you want to do when designing a small bedroom is block the window. The brighter the room, the less claustrophobic it is going to feel. You should therefore aim to keep the windows completely free. You should also install multiple light sources. Ceiling lights alone are not enough, opt for a few well positioned lamps.

Don’t Sacrifice on Storage

Finally, in an effort to maximise space, its very tempting to sacrifice on storage space. This is not however a clever trade off to make. A lack of storage space invariably leads to clutter and clutter is the last thing that you want in a small room. Instead of sacrificing on storage space, consider recessed features and/or a ceiling tall closet.