Flat screen TV decoration solutions


TV decorationIt is almost a trend to have this somewhere in your room. But how to blend it in your decoration, so that it is not only a big screen, but also that it will fit in the room. There are always good ways to blend in a Flat screen TV Decoration into your design of your living room. Below are just some examples.


TV decorationTo make the impact of your flat screen TV Decoration not that big on the design of your room you can build the Flat screen TV in to a cabinet like you see in the above picture. But when you have a real big Flat screen TV from around 50 inch then the cabinet will have to be real big to fit it all.

TV decorationAn other way is to hang your Flat screen TV Decoration on the wall and place furniture around it like in the next picture. It is still a good solution, but it will take up a lot of space.

The disadvantage of above situations is that it is real massive and a permanent solution. You will not move any of the things for a long time.

TV decorationIf you want to hide your Flat screen TV complete then the next solution is maybe the best. Hiding it behind a Painting or take an even more drastic measurement by placing the Flat screen TV in the sealing as below picture is showing.

As you can see. There are many solutions for the Flat screen TV Decoration to be hidden or to make it only show up at the moment that you need it. The best one I think would be the sealing based like the one on the left and the one below. But you need to have space for it.

TV decoration

But there are many good solutions for it. Do you know other solutions. Or did you solve it in a other way? Then we would love to see your pictures, and hear your story about it.